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Over the last 30 years, McGrath has grown to become one of Australia’s most successful and recognisable real estate groups – each time they launch a new consumer website there is always something innovative and industry leading. In their latest iteration, McGrath has produced a ground-breaking Australian first recruitment service designed to cater specifically to all aspects of the real estate industry.

While traditional recruitment portals like Seek and Jora take on any and all job advertisements with a less than inspiring look and interface, McGrath created a recruitment website known as “Join McGrath” that is stunning in both form and function.


With 98 offices already in operation and more to come, McGrath possesses an impressive portfolio of over $9.1 billion worth of sales. In order to facilitate growth in line with the strong brand and sales/marketing pipeline they have created, they crafted this website as part of an initiative to attract superior quality candidates that represent the best and brightest of the Australian real estate scene. 

In collaborating with Agentpoint, McGrath have engineered a website that sports a fresh look, stylishly pragmatic design and intuitive, customised interface, resulting in what is already Australia’s premiere digital real estate recruitment solution.

The technology employed takes users on a journey, along the way identifying and addressing elements of psychology, personality, job experience and role fit to help make sure people find the right job, not just the next job. 

  1. Step 1 – McGrath Values
  2. Step 2 – Career Path
    • Business Owner
    • Sales Agent
    • Property Management
    • Office Support
  1. Step 3 – Case Studies
  2. Step 4 – Register Interest


This kind of honest, people-first/right fit approach to recruiting top professionals via tech-lead solutions represents a significant shift in the way people find and apply for jobs. Another real estate group that has seen the value in this kind of recruitment is Upstate, a Northern Beaches real estate agency who like McGrath have prioritised recruitment as a key focus within their web presence.

Upstate ultimately poses the question “are you one of us?”, as it, like McGrath, is a very values and culture driven entity. This cuts straight to the heart of the issue because no time is wasted on the part of the user or the recruiter if they identify up front if there will be issues. 


McGrath’s “Join McGrath” sets the benchmark around how real estate agencies should be positioning their recruitment efforts, that is sure to be replicated across industries in both large and niche scales, primarily because the benefits for the user and for the employer extend beyond the job/candidate search and application process.

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