Google Launches SMS Mobile Search

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Google has launched a beta test version of Google SMS, a new service that lets users of wireless devices query Google for specific information, such as business or residential listings, product prices and word definitions.

This service is currently only available in the US but will roll out through phone companies across Australia late this year/early next year.

You can bet Telstra will not offer this service(remember they are competing with Google – or trying to) and maybe Sensis might rush out a similar service. to get in first.

From my experience the Sensis search engine has some good features, but good search results and speeds are what counts and Sensis is failing on both counts.

As a company that has the power of Yellow Pages and White Pages directories but must be careful to keep their noses out of the trough in trying to provide paid results instead of clean results and this will be hard for a company that focuses heavily on making money.

Looking at my website logs Sensis has less than a 3% share in searches in Australia, which is pretty poor considering the amount of money that has poured into marketing of their search engine.

I will reserve my full judgement in another six months to see if they can improve on the search engine and make significant inroads, otherwise it is goodbye.

This will give great opportunities to other providers to take up the Google systems and maybe cause some pain to Telstra.

Especially since Google will bring out a plethora of Internet tools and you can bet all of them will work just fine on release.

Interesting times ahead.

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