Is this the future of TV advertising?

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YES YES YES YES. This is the future and if it can be pulled off TV media companies will be in for a killer future, and maybe at the expense of all other traditional media. Kerry Packer,…..sorry James Packer you are the MAN and the future is in your hands.

Imagine TV companies being able to beam different demographic type ads into different regions, well one US company thinks they have got it right (a few are trying to be the standard)and it WILL change the advertising landscape forever.

With the imminent of personal video recorders (yes the ones that can cut out TV commercials) the future of TV advertising looked bleak but a US company has found a way to beam TV commercials not only to specific area (suburbs) but to actual consumers who might be interested in those products or services.

The way it works is pretty tech-tough to understand, but the implications are huge. Consumers can set their TV recorders to only receive specific types of commercials, ones that they are ultimately interested in.

This will drive the price of advertising on TV down but also allow advertisers to reach the very people they need to buy their products and services.

Media companies always talk about reach and readership (newspapers) but really who cares? The only way it works is if out of the many thousands they say see these ads you get ONE buyer, that would be all I could care about. With this new technology the importance lies not with the reach but with the interest from that reach in your product.

The cost of advertising your product in major capital cities has made the TV advertising medium simply out of reach of all but the bigger companies, this technology will give everyone the opportunity to market their products and services directly to certain neighbourhoods. If you have a restaurant in North Sydney then you might just want to advertise in this region only, cutting costs but giving your ad a greater impact.

If a real estate agent has a house to sell in say Balmain, Sydney and their are 156 people who are interested in receiving these ads then all you need is one person to purchase and the ad has paid for itself 50 times over. It will also mean all the rubbish ads will not reach its intended market (steak knives, large slippers and such).

This technology is ready for launch in the US and you can be sure that Australian TV companies will be watching this carefully.

The system also allows for ad agencies to create not just one ad but ads in different forms to different demographics and suburban areas, narrowing the target even further.

The company (Visible World) is ready for a launch in early 2005.

You can see how this works at –

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