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Homehound (formerly property page) are one the latest entries into the market and yet another attempt by the major franchises to rest some power away from Realestate.com.au. The site has one interesting difference (and I hope they keep it)….it actually links to Real Estate Agents own websites by carrying only the basic information with a link.

This is the one reason I do like this idea, it actually gives Agents some benefits that they can measure through their stats logs.

On the downside the site is part owned by many major franchises and although the site is FREE, many agents I have spoken to would rather see money go into the coffers of Realestate.com.au than their own competitors.

The site will have strength in and around Sydney because one of the owners (FPC Courier Group) dominates the market throughout Inner Sydney through their newspapers.

The Homehound Paper Guide is a waste of money and space but the Internet site does have some legs. Maybe the paper guide could provide links to agents sites as well?

An interesting addition and one to watch over the next 12 months. It will not really effect realestate.com.au but could provide some power around Sydney.

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