Ditch expensive Yellow Pages advertising!

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Well it is that time of the year again when Yellow Pages wheels out a massive advertising campaign telling us how we better not miss out on this years directory.

My views are clear on this…….expensive Yellow Pages Advertising is a complete and utter waste of money for real estate agents.

10 Years ago yes, you needed to advertise in the directory but lets face it, these days the vast majority of your market is online!

If you feel the need for some chest thumping and have plenty of cash to spread around then by all means go for it. If you have finally wised up just take a basic ad (still expensive).

If the salesperson from Yellow Pages tells how your competitor has gone for a quarter page, half page or full page ad, be happy in the knowledge that you can spend that money not wasted online promoting your website and not only get a much better response but for the first time in your life you will find you have the ability to measure its effectiveness.

Yellow Pages Salespeople run scare campaigns and yes there are certainly some industries that still need to advertise in the directory, but believe me you are not one of them!

Think about this how often do you use the Yellow Pages these days when you can do a search online?

I cannot remember the last time I actually used a Yellow or White Pages directory, it must be at least 3 years and I can tell you most of my friends do not use it either and some of them are not heavy Internet users.

Yellow Pages is a spent force and the sooner it rides into the Sunset the better.

So resist the urge, get a basic listing in the Yellow pages and spend the savings promoting your own website!

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