Turn your real estate podcasts into a more powerful marketing tool

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After posting about why real estate podcasts can be a good idea on real estate agent websites, I want to follow up with this post on how you can turn your real estate podcasts into a broader marketing tool.

Real estate marketing should be simple. The best way to keep things simple is to squeeze as much juice as possible out of whatever simple techniques you use.

Before I get to the details of how to do that with podcasting, let me say that it will take some work. It is not complex, but nor is it a once-off quick fix. Instead, it’s a strategic solution for the real estate agent or principal who is looking to make solid improvements to their market position in the medium term.

The strategy is to use the podcast as an outreach tool for creating or deepening your relationships with other businesses in your area, turning them into your referral network for new business.

The first step, and you may need a graphic designer for this, is to prepare a counter-top display about your business that includes your logo and contact information, as well as a space for some business cards.

Better yet, instead of business cards, include some cards with a special offer to get the attention of passers-by. For example, offer a free market report to those who mention having seen the card.You could also just use a pile of the cards without the display, or just create a poster to mount in storefront windows.

Third, begin to approach local businesses with the opportunity. It’s best to do this in person. Here’s your pitch:

“I post real estate podcasts about our community on our website. We reach XXX unique visitors each month, almost all of whom are actively considering moving to this area or already live here. I’d like to mention the excellent service your business provides, and encourage these people to spend money with you. Would you like that? In exchange, I don’t want money. I only ask that you let me place this display (or these marketing cards, or poster) in your store and to replenish them as they disappear.”

If you have a reasonable reputation and handle things appropriately, this should work with a number of local businesses. Once it does start to work, anyone who visits your suburb will immediately know that you are the best real estate agent or agency in the area, because so many local businesses “recommend” you by displaying your materials.

Of course, you could try to do all of this without the podcasts. But in my experience, other businesspeople are more willing to help if they know you offer them something in return. You want to build relationships, and relationships are a process of exchange, not a one-way street.

Who knows what unexpected benefits will sprout from the relationships you seed in this way?

NOTE: See the link if you want to treat your real estate podcast as media and generate revenue. (Via Mequoda Daily)

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