Internet Explorer 8

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Microsoft has released its latest version of Internet Explorer (8) and anyone upgrading from IE7 will see immediate improvements. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 in 2000 and basically shunned the W3C and started its own set of standards with possibly the worst peice of software released since

Now that Internet Explorer is rapidly losing market share to tFirefox Browser, Safari, Opera and now the blisteringly fast Google Chrome, it has decided to play nice again and come back to W3C web standards.

This makes it better for web developers/cheaper for clients because not as much work is needed to make web pages render in all browsers, previously, hours and sometimes days were spent just getting the latest websites to work in IE6 and there are all sorts of workarounds needed for this. Put simply IE6 was and still is a complete and utter pain in the X%&#!

So does IE8 change anything? Herein lies the problem, IE8 may be a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft, but it still hasn’t even caught up with the other browsers, even with all of these features. And it is still slower to render pages than all of its competitors.

So, check it out for yourself, I would suggest an upgrade as it is so much better than IE7, and if you are still using IE6 (Go to Help/About in your browser) , well then you MUST upgrade as IE6 is a death trap for people snooping in on your PC.

Check it out:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Check out other browsers:
Firefox 3
Apple Safari
Google Chrome

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  • Craig
    Posted March 21, 2009 at 9:04 pm 0Likes

    Speaking as a web developer, IE8 is a really great release. There are two big audiences that will always use IE, non tech savvy who get IE automatically and corporate who standardise on IE on the desktop. To have a version of IE that gets 100 on Acid2 is like a dream for web developers, as long as we can get those IE6 users to upgrade.

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