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Got a few news snippets to share with you all.

Property Partner launches, then other people them know that you are in our community to meet a potential property partner (to purchase a property together).Users can then identify the qualities they want in a property partner and find a match by searching the network and then connect with these people.

Are people ready to jump in with relative strangers on the biggest purchase of their lives?

Yellow Pages Car Edition
Great to see innovation at Yellow Pages Labs (Yellow Labs Innovation!!!!), more editions, this time one for your car, yes a mini Yellow pages Car Edition. As we all know, there is nothing worse than driving along a busy highway and needing a plumber and not having any tool or resource for finding one. That is unless you do not have a mobile phone or satellite navigation. Keep an eye out for a push bike, plane, toilet, and tombstone version in the works.

Time to try some Air
Thats right have some Air. I challenge you to download and try one Adobe Air Application. There are many cool little apps, whether it is a tasks manager. These install and sit on your desktop.

Watch a TED Movie online.
TED, is without doubt one of the greatest websites in the world. Forget about seminars where you have to listen to someone tell you how ‘great you can be’, how you can make bucket loads of money by ‘smiling a certain way’ or from some &%#@er who never did anything but make money from telling other people how to make money. Get some inspiration from real people with unique lifestyles, ideas and visions. Head to TED!

Contribute to
Yes, we would love to have some new writers contributing to our website. We want diversity, so if you have something to say about real estate that can benefit real estate agents, then we would love to hear from you. Our packages are very attractive, no salary, no super and a rock solid guarantee that you will be abused at some stage! Call Peter on 0438 391 397.

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