Facebook Click Fraud Could Impact Real Estate Advertisers

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In a recent post about 4 Critical Steps to Building Your Personal Profile Online, I mentioned that agents should register their personal profile on Facebook.

Whilst I still believe that real estate agents should be using Facebook for marketing themselves & their real estate business, after reading this article about Facebook Click Fraud it may be better for agents to proceed with caution if they intend to use the Pay Per Click advertising section.

Many companies use Facebook’s Pay Per Click Advertising platform because the demographic information collected about Facebook users enables companies to target their marketing campaigns within the social media environment.

Some companies also prefer using Facebook’s Advertising rather than waiting for the SEO on their site to kick in and/or they feel that it’s better value than having to compete for expensive keywords within SEM campaigns on the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Facebook advertising generated $280 million in revenue in 2008 & they are expecting $550 million this year. But with the grey cloud of Click Fraud hanging overhead, Facebook will be keen to rectify these issues very quickly.

For the moment, agents may be best to limit their Facebook marketing to the 3 Free strategies.

1.    Building your personal Facebook profile
2.    Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your company
3.    Creating a Facebook Group

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