EA Wrap Up: Featuring Mat Steinwede, James Tostevin & Tom Panos Interview from AREC2012

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After launching Electric Avenue (EA) ‘The Online Real Estate Show’ last Wednesday, Ryan O’Grady suggested that I share this week’s episodes with B2 readers and see if you find the episodes interesting enough to maybe look at continuing to share these weekly Wrap Ups regularly?

What is Electric Avenue?

Firstly, to explain a little bit more about the concept behind the show, here’s a quick intro vid…

The idea for the Online Show sprung up completely out of the blue on Saturday the 9th June and I decided to name it ‘Electric Avenue’. By Wednesday night (4 days later) the logo was done, my website was reconfigured, the intro videos were completed and the first show went LIVE onto the web just after the end of the 2nd State of Origin match in Sydney.

Note: The ‘Electric Avenue Mobile Film Production Studio’ consists of an iPad2 (a few apps), a Mic, a Music Stand and a passionate Aussie bloke (me) with a desire to help the real estate industry embrace technology & Social Media more effectively.

So here’s this week’s EA Wrap Up…

On Monday’s show – I shared newly adapted technology that could rapidly make QR Codes just a part of history as Augmented Reality is used by Layar to “activate Print with Digital Content” and asked ‘Are QR Codes Now History?’

Tuesday, after Fairfax’s big announcement to lay off 1900 staff and close down Syd & Melb printing plants I looked at ‘Could This Mean That Print Media May Actually Become Cheaper For Real Estate Agents?’

Wednesday’s episode discussed a ‘Simple Free Tool To Help Build Your Profile Online’

Thursday I delved into the Avenue part of the show (Street Level) and looked at  ‘A Different Way To Approach ‘No Junk Mail’

Then rounding off the week, today is a Behind The Scenes Interview: Mat Steinwede, James Tostevin and Tom Panos – 3 Real Estate Legends AREC2012

I hope you like the EA Wrap Up concept? Cheers Greg 🙂

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  • Ryan O'Grady
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 10:03 am 0Likes

    Great stuff Greg, this is going to keep you very busy! Do you have a link to the iPad software you’re using?

  • Bill
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 10:18 am 0Likes

    Great stuff Greg, agents are very lucky to have you out there investigating new technologies and keeping them updated. Well done Greg.

  • Greg Vincent
    Posted June 22, 2012 at 10:44 am 0Likes

    Thanks Ryan. I’ll be doing an episode or 2 about the studio set up & the apps that I use in next week’s show but in the meantime iMovie is the main editing/publishing app & I use an iRig Microphone that plugs into the iPad, iPhone, etc.

    I’ll be doing lots of interviews along the way and already have keen interest from some new real estate providers keen to catch up & launch/discuss new products & tools for agents.

    Within 48 hours of launching the Electric Avenue show it featured in Real Estate Business http://www.rebonline.com.au/breaking-news/5189-big-part-of-industry-not-using-social-media-poll

    So yes, it’s definitely about to get a whole lot busier in this online space, especially after the 2 big big print media announcements this week.

    Thanks again for alowing me to share this Wrap Up with B2 readers. I sincerely hope that they get a lot of value out of the show. 🙂

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