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Today I shared this ‘exclusive’ insight into InspectRealEstate.com.au – A Brilliant New Time-Saving Tool For The Real Estate Industry on the Electric Avenue Show.

When you think about the hours and hours of time that this application can save an agency PLUS the simplicity of the process for the end user PLUS the fact that the Landlords, Prospective Tenants, Property Managers & the Principal are all kept well-informed about the Online Booking Process then without a doubt this is one of the best (if not the best) Time-Saving Tool that I have seen developed for the real estate industry in my 20+ year real estate career…and I’ve seen a lot of different things come and go.

After catching up with the owner of InspectRealEstate.com.au the other day, Andrew Reece, I was really impressed by the depth of thought and development that has gone into making the system so user friendly.

I personally tried a dummy run of booking an inspection through a rental property featured on realestate.com.au.

I sent through the Inspection Request within 2 minutes I had received an automated response from the agent both via email & via SMS with a link to a Register An Inspection Time form (as seen below).

I booked an inspection time and almost immediately received a confirmation email & SMS. Very impressive!

Within the email I could add the Inspection to my Calender, View the property on a Map, Complete an Application Form, Submit an Application for the property OR I could also Cancel/Change the Inspection time.

So, I cancelled the inspection and automatically received a confirmation email about the Cancellation from the agent (all this happened automatically again within seconds/minutes).

The system is very intuitive and even has the capability to measure how long it takes to get from property to property so that if a prospective tenant books to see a property in Balmain and then wants to inspect a different property in Drummoyne it will calculate the approx. travel time and won’t allow the user to book-in time slots that are physically impossible (unless you’ve hired a helicopter).

It’s designed to try to eliminate those frustrating ‘No Shows’ or ‘Late Arrivals’ as much as possible.

If the Property Manager/Agent is running late, the mobile version allows for a simple I’m running late SMS to be sent to all of the people registered for that particular timeslot.

Plus, if a Tenancy Application has been accepted by the Landlord all other interested parties can be notified that the property has been rented out.

Also, as part of the system you can have a Register Button inserted onto your website PLUS it was good to see that the Major Portal thehomepage.com.au has lead the way yet again by integrating with the InspectRealEstate.com.au system and displaying a direct link to the ‘Register an Inspection Time’ page for the agents using the system.

The Principal also receives a report to see how everything is tracking…

Here’s what one agent had to say

“I have this week returned from vacation and I wanted to write to you to tell you how well everything has been working.  First of all, our staff LOVE inspectrealestate.com.au.  They tell me phone calls and emails are down 90% to 95% – amazing.  Open houses are down slightly but the quality of the prospective tenant turning up to these opens is substantially better, in fact, on average we are only having to open a property once before we obtain a good quality application – fantastic. Overall, it has been the single best innovation we have introduced to our property management department in 20 years – well done!” ~ Michael O’Sullivan

Like I said earlier, there has been a lot of thought go into the creation of this online inspection scheduling product.

Congratulations to Andrew Reece and his team for designing such a helpful product for our industry.

Electric Avenue Wrap Up

On Monday’s Show I posed the question ‘Are Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?’ and shared the ‘Flea Jar Analogy’.

The Flea Jar Analogy

Tuesday’s show delved into whether or not Agents should be paying $$$ for ‘Highlighted’ and ‘Promoted Posts’?

On Wednesday, I shared ‘The Catchiest Agent Profile Video I’ve Seen So Far’ and provided an insight into or not it is really important that your real estate video goes viral?”

and Yesterday’s episode was about ‘What ‘On Earth’ Are Your Property Buyers Doing When They Research Real Estate Online?’ which included some important tip and some information about a recent announcement from Google.

I hope you enjoy this week’s wrap up. 🙂

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  • Jen Pearce
    Posted August 3, 2012 at 10:41 am 0Likes

    Thanks for mentioning Thehomepage Greg, we think it’s a great system with some really handy features for property managers and people hunting for rentals. Pity the video “Call me Maybe” has been marked as Private?


    • Greg Vincent
      Posted August 3, 2012 at 11:15 am 0Likes

      Jen, it’s great to see how quickly your team identify good solutions, implement & integrate with them. Keep up the great work.

      Whilst it was catchy, i wondered how they were going to go using that song commercially? (wiping egg off my face). 🙂

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