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With over $100 billion in the bank, we can safely assume Apple are going to be just fine for the medium term, Apple will also continue to make great products, however, their advances will only be incremental, and the judgement from the stock market will be harsh.

This simply highlights the problem with how our economies and companies are run. On the one hand we have an iconic company that is a shining example of just how our lives and the demands of our lives have changed in one short decade.

Functional Beauty

We now live in the world where the demands on our technology are no longer just functional, we want to have aesthetically beautiful experience with everything from our desktops to our tv’s and mobile devices and we can thank Apple for this. This also stretches to our furniture, automobiles – just about everything we want today has to not only work great but look great also.

So for all of you that sneer at students in university following a career in arts, just look at all the major companies of the world, including now Google and the demand for creatives has never been higher!

But let’s get back to the problem with Apple. Think of the iPhone. Just 3 years ago the iPhone was so simplistically beautiful to use and so much more technologically advanced than any other smart phone on the market that it single handedly sent many incumbent mobile phone companies to the wall. Fast forward to today and the surviving companies like LG, HTC and Samsung have closed that gap and some will now argue that with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy 4 that it is far more advanced and better functionally than the iPhone 5.(owners of the Samsung S3 already think that version is better).

Rotting Apple?

So, this is Apple’s problem, the market has priced Apple to continue its aggressive pace but that pace is slowing dramatically and it is now facing a slew of competitors across it’s range of products including iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV.

Apple has become one of the most important companies of the 21st century, transforming just as many industries as Google, its most fierce competitor, but it’s product range just doesn’t have any major advances built into them and the competitors across their whole range are releasing products as strong and in some cases stronger.

Apple is also remarkably on the defensive, taking legal action against just about anyone who breaths close to one of its thousands of ridiculous patents. This tactic may have slowed competition, but it is clear with the Samsung Galaxy S4 that the Apple party days are over and they need new innovations. Apple also makes most of its money on hardware and that hardware is expensive compared to many of its competitors.

Apple also are paying a heavy price for over protecting its software from competition and worst of all developers, just take the Google Maps debacle on the iPhone5. Apple’s Mapping System is so far behind Google’s that catching up is just never going to happen, in fact in 2 years Google Maps will be even more advanced than Apple’s next maps offering, mainly because Google’s software for the most part is open and welcome to hacking through API’s and developer forums. Yes, we developers love Google for letting us play and think of new ideas for its software and Google is only too happy to make all the money from this innovation.

Apple TV 2013

Apple has been working on a new Television that it hopes will change the TV and Cable industry as much as iTunes did for the music industry. The pressure on the New Apple TV is immense. It must transform the TV and Movie industry, much like iTunes did for the music industry or the markets will start to savage Apple’s stock. My belief is that it will fail, I am excited as anyone about this upcoming release, but my feeling is that the cable industry is so much more powerful and profitable than the music industry was when the iTunes store came about that Apple’s innovation might be just too minimal.

My Technology

My company changed to Google Premium Apps for email, documents and the like back in 2008. Moving away from Microsoft was a lot less painless than I imagined, particularly with Outlook. I use Mac Desktops and I have a Macbook Air, but because I use Google Apps and because Apple’s iPhone and iPad restrict the way I can interact with this software on their mobile devices I decided to move away from them mobile wise to use Android devices.

My first experience with this a few years back was less than ideal, I purchased a HTC Thunderbolt and let me just say I will never but a product from them again. It was slow, and never upgraded the Android OS to latest versions and this is the problem with so many Android Devices.

Android is pretty much an open mobile operating system and every 6 months or so a new upgrade is released from the Google Android team, however because companies want to differentiate themselves from competitors in the Android marketplace they create their own skinned version of Android and therefore make it harder for themselves to quickly release new upgrades – at the same time consumers end up waiting months and sometimes years to get the new Android releases to their devices. Companies like Samsung are getting better at this and keeping pace with upgrades, but it is still a problem for Android users – until Nexus Devices came along.

Google Nexus

The Google Nexus range of devices are built by companies like Samsung, LG and Asus, but what is different about these devices is that they are pure Google and these companies teams ‘live’ at Google’s headquarters and work directly with the Google team to release these to the public through the Google Play Store. That means they get the upgrades first and have no added software built onto them.

One of the best things about these Nexus devices is they are ridiculously cheap to buy direct and because you own them outright you get to set your own plan with mobile network providers. I went from $140 per month to $50 per month on exactly the same plan. Also, as the devices are pure Google I get to do everything I want, access everything I want on a device that is so close to the functions of an iPhone I can no longer tell the difference and will probably never go back.

Google Now

Another great thing that has just come to Google Android Devices is Google Now, this is seriously cool stuff and once you set this up on your device you will have pretty much everything at your fingertips. My guess this is going to be the biggest thing on Google devices and perhaps desktops for the next few years, especially once this starts getting better local features and with a slew of developers now working across the globe with its API it is about to get seriously cool!



I have the Nexus 4, 10 and 7 and I use these for different situations. I find I rarely use my iPad for anything to do with business these days and my advice to anyone using Google Premium Apps for their business is to seriously consider moving away from Apple’s mobile devices and you will find a way better experience and a serious lift in productivity on a Google Nexus Device or one of the upcoming phones from Samsung and the much talked about HTC One.

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Posted March 18, 2013 at 10:13 am 0Likes

    Interesting isn’t it.

    I think Apple will loose traction now that Steve Jobs has passed……

    In the past they have not only had the best apps and usability but apps that were meaningful not just gimmicks for their own sake.

    The company that can differentiate between what’s useful and what’s just fluff will succeed, Apple have done this in the past but will it continue ?

    • Peter Ricci
      Posted March 18, 2013 at 2:08 pm 0Likes

      Hi Glenn

      Yes Steve is a great loss, but I think their main problem lies in the fact that everyone else is catching up. Also the fact that everyone has iPhones now, the cool factor may have passed.

      • Glenn Rogers
        Posted March 18, 2013 at 4:57 pm 0Likes

        Hi Peter,

        Let’s see what Apple respond with, their next offering will tell the story……..

  • Matthew
    Posted March 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm 0Likes

    Google can’t compete until it releases google music and google tv into all markets.

    • Peter Ricci
      Posted March 18, 2013 at 10:31 pm 0Likes

      Hi Matthew

      Yes it is a problem for Google that it takes so long and in some cases never that they release into all developed markets, I would add Google Voice to that!

  • Jason
    Posted March 19, 2013 at 9:41 pm 0Likes

    Google are designing beautiful products (what Apple does best) quicker than Apple can make up ground on all the things Google does best (remember Apple Maps?)

    Google will win this war.

  • vic Del Vecchio
    Posted March 20, 2013 at 1:28 pm 0Likes

    Is everyone, like me, finding that a laptop is far better than a Ipad or Iphone for research and communication of a more lengthy nature.

    Everything old is new again. The fad and coolness has largely gone from apple and google will be well advised not to follow too much down an old track.

    • Glenn Rogers
      Posted March 20, 2013 at 5:34 pm 0Likes

      From what I’ve seen of the iPad it’s only problem is it isn’t Windows based for business use.

      The lap top is bulky and a pain in comparison, I haven’t swapped over yet because of the Windows compatibility issue but I guess there’s other windows based pads or tablets though I haven’t looked into those yet..

  • Daniel Phillips
    Posted October 3, 2015 at 12:46 am 0Likes

    Hey Peter, One thing that is very contradicting to what you said at the last part. I will agree with that Apple does need to be creative no days, myself I am more of a micro soft person. But Apple competes with everyone, Tv, Music, Software, and Hardware. Apple has almost, if not ever had a virus problem until now. I have to run Anti Ad ware and virus protection on my computer. Apple’s competitors only are as strong as the people that put into the soft and hard ware. So many “Super Power” companies invest into other companies like Microsoft. The reason why I like Microsoft so much is that I am a programmer so it is much more easy to use for me. What if say those other companies don’t do well? Apple is itself and Google is more of a strip mall. It has so many other companies connected to it. The only actual protection you get is only what you can find. It would be so much easier for some one of certain skills to hack into your phone and steal all your passwords than it would for an apple. That statement is true for the average person, but for people such as myself, I could create my own apps and encrypt my phone by my own ingenuity. So the point you made was so opinionated It makes me have less respect for you.

    A good thought is think of how much more fun that you have on your phone and then think how hard would it be to turn it into a nightmare because someone hacked into and stole everything you hold dear, that was put into the digital world.

    I do have high respect for your article but I would be much more careful on your opinions.

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