Do Agents Need VOIP? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Want to make FREE phone calls between offices and sales staff? Want to make cheap calls to customers? Want to more than half your phone bill?

If you answered yes to all of these you need VOIP. First what is it? VOIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and it is sweeping the world as an alternative to major Telco’s high costs. VOIP works by sending data packets over the Internet, bypassing telephone exchanges and satellites which are expensive and are tied to major Telco’s like Telstra.

How VOIP Works
VOIP cuts you voice into tiny packets which is sent over the Internet, only when these packets reach the end user (milliseconds) does it become your Voice again. It is extremely cheap and all you need is a broadband connection to make it all possible (faster speed the better). Local, National and International call rates are a fraction of those charged by companies such as Telstra.

How does it work for you?
The latest VOIP services allow you to have real real phone number so anyone can call you.

What basics do you need?
– Broadband Connection (faster speed the better)
– PC Sound Card (in your computer so you can hear)
– Microphone connected to your PC

What can make it better?
Companies also sell hardware which you can attached to your PC, with Wireless Headsets and traditional phones like the one you have at home.

Companies providing these services.
Broadband Phone
Nella Networks

My Pick
Freshtel have a product called Firefly (developed in Australia)which allows you to call anywhere in Australia for 6.9 cents per minutes. International calls vary but are all around/under 10 cents per minute. You can also call mobile phones for around 20% less than Telstra fees.

FREE Calls
Freshtel allow you to call any other Freshtel user for FREE, so if you have a number of offices you can call each other for FREE and talk as long as you please. Software installation is FREE for Firefly to Firefly calls but if you want to call a normal phone you will need to add money to your account. You can view you account status in real-time and see calls made and timed costs of all calls.

My Advice
Hardware & Headset

Get the Freshtel service and buy the GN Netcom 9120 Wireless Headset and Hardware ($395). You can walk up to 100 metres from your computer.

Broadband Connection
Make sure you get an unlimited plan for your broadband connection. Because you are sending data over the Internet this could effect users on limited download plans.

All in all this is a no brainer, get someone in your company to trial the software and see what they think. Calls sound just about perfect depending on your connection speeds.

Trial this software for communicating with your staff, once you are satisfied then go on to use it from your front office. You will not be disappointed.

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