Intel Unveils Wireless Technology – WIMAX

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Intel Corp. rolled out its latest product, a computer chip designed for a new high-speed wireless technology capable of delivering broadband service over many kilometres.

I have been talking up WIMAX for quite some time and it will change the way Real Estate Agents do business across the world.

The new technology called WIMAX (for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) will allow Real Estate Agents (any business + home users) to receive high speed broadband wirelessly instead of over phone lines with the signal reaching around 45 kilometres.

The first wave of products using Intel’s wireless technology should be available this in Spring 2005 and we will see this supported by every manufacturer of modems/routers and mobile phones on the planet.

What do you need?
1. The first thing you will need is a broadband connection (which most agents have). Broadband speeds will be around 12 – 24 megabytes a second in most capital cities across Australia by then which will make it perfect for sharing.
2. The second thing will be an Antenna to distribute the signal
3. The third thing will be an Interface to control who you will share this connection with usernames, passwords as settings.

How will it work?
1. You will never need to logon from a vendors or buyers home, you will have Internet access with your mobile phone or laptop anywhere within 45 kilometres from your office.
2. As most people live within 45 kilometres from home businesses will be able to offer broadband to the homes of staff as well.

How much?
To set up an office should be around $500.00. With each user costing around an extra $100.00 per access card. In the future all laptops, computers and mobile phones will have the chips as standard, so the cost will come down very quickly.

The great thing about this technology is that Telstra’s stranglehold on our pockets will slip and we will see new players entering the market, we will also see VOIP really reach its market, being able to call staff for free anywhere within the range.

Bring it on!

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