Wi-Fi Camera first for Nikon

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Nikon has released the first Wi-Fi Cameras. The Coolpix P1 and P2 are the world’s first built-in Wi-Fi-enabled (IEEE802.11b/g) digital cameras to hit the marketplace.

These cameras allow consumers/roadwarriors to immediately transmit images wirelessly directly to a computer/server or to any PictBridge-enabled printer equipped with the optional Nikon Wireless Printer Adapter, for wireless printing.

What is Wi-Fi?
Short for wireless fidelity This is another name for IEEE 802.11b. A user with a Wi-Fi product can use any brand of Access Point with any other brand of client hardware that is built to the Wi-Fi standard. Well if any of you have travelled to a major airport lounge you will notice people using laptops and browsing the net without any cables. Many homes now are wireless, as Telstra has a Wireless Broadband Modem and this trend will continue to homes across Australia with the impending WIMAX.

What does this mean for Agents?
We all know that many Sales People take their own photographs of Vendor’s properties. Having the ability to one day transfer these images to a live server from that property will save time and also negate the need for large memory cards. However we will have to wait for the next generation of WIMAX enabled cameras, but an article I wrote over a year ago stipulated a need for this.

I think it will only be a matter of months before we see a camera from a rival company that goes one up and conforms both to the Wi-Fi standard and also the WIMAX standard.

This is all good news for agents and judging by the pricing it also seems to be great value as both the Nikon P1 and P2 are well under AUD $1000.00.

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