Why the best Australian real estate agents might just be in San Francisco this July

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Joel Burslem’s opinion carries a lot of weight with me because I’ve seen how smart his real estate technology blog, future of real estate marketing, is. So, when he said Australian agents should not miss this year’s Real Estate Connect, I asked him why. And, I’ve posted his answers here.

Before we get to that, let me first disclose that Real Estate Connect was a client of mine prior to my moving to Australia.

Q. Joel, having been to Real Estate Connect I know how just a few days at this conference can revolutionize the way one does business. Tell me though, why is it important for Australian real estate agents to attend a conference in San Francisco? Isn’t it all about the USA?

The reality is that, with the impact of the Internet, real estate is becoming more and more international in scope. The concepts that we cover at Connect, especially around Web 2.0 and how real estate marketing is evolving (through the use of blogging, video, syndication, search engine optimization, etc.) are relevant to real estate professionals around the world. By coming to Connect you’ll be learning how some of the global leaders in the industry are already using these tools and applying them to their business successfully–and how you can, too.

Q. What are three three most important things that Australian real estate agents can come home with after attending Real Estate Connect this July?

I think the big three are how to use social media (blogging, video, social networking), understanding niche marketing (marketing to women, marketing “lifestyle” and marketing “green”) and ways to gain greater productivity in your business are going to be the big takeaways this summer.

Q. With the strong Australian dollar this year, Real Estate Connect will be less expensive this year than any other. Even without that, though, the entry price doesn’t seem high. Still, can you make us a special offer?

Dave, because of your connection to realestate.com.au, we’re offering your readers an exclusive rate of $399 which includes admission to one of our popular pre-conference workshops (Bloggers Connect and Internet Marketing) plus the full Connect conference.

I’d definitely recommend grabbing one of these workshops since they go into much greater detail on the most important subjects. Since you’re travelling so far, you’re going to want to maximize your time in San Francisco!

For accommodation, we have negotiated a great rate at the Palace Hotel (where Connect is being held) which is right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. It’s only $225 a night. The rooms are going fast so you’ll want to register quickly to take advantage of that.

One piece of advice – pack a jumper! Seriously. Summers in San Francisco by the Bay can get quite chilly!

Q. Where should an Australian real estate agent go to register?

All of our international registrations receive concierge registration. You can contact Katy Campana at +1 510-658-9252 ext. 143 or email her at [email protected] to receive this special rate.

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