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Homesales.com.au has launched ‘Investment Property Search’, a new free service specifically aimed at property investors.

Investment Property Search (IPS) allows users to search properties for sale on homesales.com.au based on their investment strategy. It prioritizes financial search parameters over location which is the prime search field for owner occupiers.

Launched this week, IPS allows users to search based on parameters such as positive or negative cash flow; rental yields and historical capital growth (based on postcode). Other property search options include suburb population trends and home ownership rates. To ensure complete transparency, IPS does not search auction or POA listings.

“Finding an investment property is all about numbers. homesales.com.au’s new IPS functionality helps consumers find potential investment properties quickly by prioritising key search parameters,” Ajay Bhatia, Director of homesales.com.au and CIO of carsales.con Ltd commented.

“The new search leverages homesales.com.au’s native and partner datasets to deliver transparent and targeted results. IPS is not about replacing existing investment advisory services but rather complimenting them,” Mr Bhatia stated.

IPS is unique to homesales.com.au, the real estate arm of carsales.com Ltd (ASX: CRZ). No investment property specific search functionality exists on other mainstream real estate sites in Australia.

“Property investment is about making informed rather than emotional decisions. Therefore it was important to build a unique service for this part of the property marketplace,” homesales.com.au General Manager Rhett Dallwitz commented.

“IPS has been designed with input from consumers and the industry alike. It is the first of a number of market-specific launches homesales.com.au is planning moving into the next financial year,” Mr Dallwitz said.

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Posted May 14, 2012 at 12:28 pm 0Likes

    Ok at first glance it seems to work well, but then you notice these places in the main aren’t rented and the yield is projected not actual.

    Suburb rental yield is an average no doubt and that would be gross, less rates, taxes, agents fees, vacancy and so on so net yield would be miniscule as it is with residential property in the main.

    As long as people are ware of the limitations of the information thats ok, I see the disclaimer is comprehensive so they are covered there.

    As a general guide it’s the only one of it’s kind that I know of for residential property, well done !!!

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