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Prit’s solution was to develop, a one-stop platform. The platform would solve the challenge of paperwork and time constraints for both buyers and agents and make it easier to submit home offers to signing the contract of sale, which would be all managed seamlessly online.

Prit says, “Digioffer was developed to connect buyers and agents, and move the home sales process much quicker and efficiently than ever before. It would allow already stressed-out homeowners to virtually display pictures of their home in the current situation and sell without breaking the social distancing rules.”

The Digioffer Platform

Digioffer making it easier for buyers to make online home offers. The platform is simple to use and offers transparency for buyers, agents & vendor.

Buyers are able to make property offers online by searching for a property with an address, QR code or the Property ID which is displayed on the agents marketing material. The process is so easy and simple that with just few basic details buyers can place offers on any property.

The buyers offer is instantly forwarded to an agent which is sent to the owner for consideration. This reduces time and paperwork. If the owner accepts the offer, the entire sales process is still conducted in accordance with the rules which govern the real estate code – but entirely online.

Agent Benefit

“I have a question for agents? Isn’t it time for your real estate business to take advantage of this opportunity? Platform’s trial period for agents is available for 60 days, with a view to extend it further until the COVID-19 crisis is over. Agents are invited to bring their listings over and take advantage of receiving home offers instantly,” offers Prit.

Agents have higher chances of receiving home offers with features such as sending buyers an invitation to make an offer. Agents will be able to reach out to a larger audience much quicker by displaying the Digioffer links on their property marketing material and sharing property links on their network, including social media.

The platform also offers a digital contract signing feature speeding up the selling process without the hassle of paperwork as every document can be signed digitally and distributed to each party with a click of a button.  

Receiving online offers to managing the offers, creating reports and signing contracts digitally will help ease the pressure points for agents. 

Buyer’s Advantage

“This platform is free for the buyers & they can place offers on any property from anywhere, anytime without initially interacting with an agent,” says Prit.

Buyers can search the property via address, ID & QR Code. They will connect quicker with an agent and be able to take further steps to sign a contract – digitally.

The Digioffer property ID, property link & QR code are easily located on the agents marketing publications i.e. brochures, DL flyers, For Sale board and on social media. Buyers can also request the agent to send them a property link to make an offer. 

Homeowner’s (vendor) Advantage

With the ability to invite & share Digioffer, property owners also benefit as their property will receive more exposure. Owners can also send and share the Digioffer link through various channels, including social media.

The Future

The Digioffer platform is an ideal solution which will outlast COVID-19 and bring a much-needed breather to the real estate industry. This is a lasting change, a digital change which was long overdue in the industry.

Who will benefit the most from using Digioffer?

“I believe it is everyone, the buyer, agent, and the seller. My solution is streamlining a process and creating transparency. I consider it an achievement. And who knows, this may bring in a new wave of entrepreneurs creating more products in the future to cut down on archaic processes,” concludes Prit.

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