The Way Forward For The Major Portals + E-Ave Wrap-Up

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On Yesterday’s Electric Avenue Show – I shared an insight into what I see as ‘The Way Forward For The Major Real Estate Portals’ + A FREE Tool for Real Estate Agents who are looking to Building Their Online Profile (newly released via one of the major portals).

Behind the scenes, I’ve already suggested to a number of the Property Portal providers that I believe each individual real estate agent should be able to have an area within the Property Portals where they can upload some personal information/bio, testimonials and links to their Social Media profiles, etc and I’m pleased to announce that one of the Major Portals has recently rolled out this functionality within their site.

As I mention in the show, currently consumers are looking at your listings, seeing your name attached to the property listing & to find out more background information about you, they are Googling your name (which directs people away from the portal & onto the abyss of millions of search results that come up on Google.)

How your Digital Footprint appears on Google is vitally important nowadays and what appears when a potential client Google’s Your Name is either costing you a lot of money in lost business right now OR if you’re a more savvy agent you’re probably reaping the huge rewards already.

Which is why I was pleased to see that Ben Stockdale and the team at have adopted the Agent Personal Profile strategy and run with it.


Hi Greg,

We’ve been talking about this for a while and slowly rolling out this feature.

It’s now live for all agents, agencies and franchises to update their profiles.

Not only do we encourage links to Twitter account, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, etc but we also allow VIDEO!!!!!!

See a great example here –>

To edit the details you just need the office admin login details and go to

We’re looking for feedback on how we can do better so please contact me on [email protected]

Ben Stockdale  – CEO



It Helps To Improve Your Digital Footprint

Even once all of the Major Portals provide ‘Agent Profile Pages’, your Potential Sellers will still continue to Google your name and the name of other Real Estate Agents to check them out. I don’t know how you’ll ever stop that from happening…it’s just what people do today.

But by providing an individual agent profile page, at least the agent has a chance to put forward something about themselves right there within the major portal rather than just a basic thumbnail image, limited contact details, a company logo and a link to the company home page (which then means that the consumer has to search for the individual agent’s profile page on the company website – it’s way too cluncky).

Plus, because the content for the personal agent profile page is uploaded onto a high-ranking real estate site, when customers Google Your Name, there’s a good chance that the agent profile page will rank within the first search results which means that you become more visible on the web & the major portals get more visitors back to their site! So it makes sense all round.

Note: When each of the major portals start rolling this out (which I have no doubt that they will), the individual agent should be able to have a link to their own personal website/blog, Twitter account, Facebook, Linkedin, etc and have the ability to upload videos and testimonials.

I have some ideas of my own that I would like to see included, and I will be watching with interest to see where this concept goes from here.

Electric Avenue Wrap-Up

On Monday’s Show, I shared a Great, ‘FREE’ Online Conversion Tool For Real Estate Agents.

Tuesday was about a ‘Critical Online Tip for Real Estate Agents’ and their sellers.

In Wednesday’ episode, I shared ‘One Of The Most Important Skills For Real Estate Agents In Today’s Market?’

and Today’s Show poses the question ‘Is This The Future For Real Estate Training?’

I hope you enjoy this week’s E-Ave Wrap-Up. Cheers Greg 🙂



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  • Aaron Clausen
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 11:58 am 0Likes

    We completely agree, the agents love this and its something that we have been really big on for quite some time.

    An example is:

    We allow (and encourage) both agents as well as agency offices to display and promote the links through to their various social media assets within and agents love it.

  • Greg Vincent
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 12:44 pm 0Likes

    Well done Aaron. Great to see that when I Googled Bryce Gibson the Agent Profile page on your portal appeared in the first page results and ahead of any other portal.

    Are the agents able to upload video into the profile page on your site?

  • Ryan O'Grady
    Posted July 29, 2012 at 3:11 pm 0Likes

    What THP have done is great, but you’re always going to have trouble getting the network groups and data providers to adjust their feeds (or create a new one) to automate the population of this information. I’ve ran into issues getting network groups to provide this information for products they’ve paid for us to specifically build for them.

  • Aaron Clausen
    Posted July 29, 2012 at 7:43 pm 0Likes

    Thx Greg,

    Not as yet, but its on our radar as there are quite a few savvy agents starting to produce really quality video profiles.

    We plan to have a dedicated “Testimonials” section shortly though which will rotate on the agent’s profile page.

    Ryan you raise a good point there…

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