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Yesterday on The Electric Avenue Show – I shared an insight into how Reiwa.com has become A Shining Star for Our Real Estate Industry as new figures via PR Web, show that their “website traffic rose by 15 per cent in comparison to 2011 averages and up 25% since 2010” and with the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia announcing that…

“Reiwa.com came close to seeing one million visits for the first time, with over 10 million page views and 364,000 unique visits.”

As I said in the show and for years now I have openly shared my thoughts and beliefs that as an industry we need to pull together and get behind the Real Estate Institutes in an effort to provide an industry-based portal which the majority of agents support (not always agree with but support at the very least) because if we don’t, as an industry the gap between the 2 Major Portals (realestate.com.au and domain.com.au) and the institute based site RealEstateView.com.au will grow further apart.

You see, unless agents get behind the institutes then our fate as an industry will be left squarely in the hands of companies who’s major responsibility is to turn a bigger and bigger profit for their shareholders.

Currently, it’s like 2 Major Banks are running our industry and the institutes are like the Community Building Society where their customers really matter.

Our industry is already dictated to enough by the media giants News Ltd and Fairfax as it is, yet in amongst all of this online domination by realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, there is one really significant industry-based Shining Star out there showing the way forward.

Congratulations to Charlie Gunningham and the Reiwa.com team for leading the charge. I always see Charlie tuning-in on the latest information and doing what he can to stay ahead of the game.

Note: I know that this topic has been done to death here on Business2 for years and it will probably continue to be raised for many more years to come, but I really feel that Reiwa.com should be recognised and commended for what they have been able to achieve in amongst all of the other significant changes that have been taking place amongst the Eastern States of Australia.

Electric Avenue Wrap-Up

On Monday’s Show I revealed ‘A NEW, Innovative Way To Get More Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers’, which is also a clever application that can be integrated into an agent’s Print Media/Brochure advertising.

Tuesday’s episode featured the announcement that Online Advertising Spend Has Surpassed Newspaper Ad Spend for the First Time in Australia’s History.

On Wednesday I announced an important move for Property Videos after a lot of outcry from agents about the placement of videos on their site that,‘Yay! Realestate.com.au Decided To Listen’ and the fact that they now have 2 links to videos and floorplans appearing on their listings.

…and Today, I’ve been asked to explain ‘Why I Believe Doorknocking Wastes Far Too Much Time?’  (coming from a previous fan of going Door-to-Door. Call me crazy but I seriously loved it back in the day).

I hope you enjoy this week’s Electric Avenue Wrap Up.  Cheers 🙂

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