ranking well in Google for agent profiles

2 minute read, the new social media site for real estate, is producing excellent search engine rankings for their member’s profile.

Housenet CEO Darren Moffatt, is surprised at just how good the search results for member profiles are performing at this early stage.

“After we launched and lots of agents began joining, we noticed some profile pages were appearing on page one for a Google search of the member’s name,” said Mr Moffatt.

“We tested this, and found that most members are on page one for a name search within a week of joining Housenet. Better still, their Housenet profiles are often appearing in search results above profiles on major portals and existing social media accounts.

“For a site that’s only a few months, this is a pretty amazing result.”

This claim is backed up by the experience of several agents who are Housenet members. According to Tim McGoldrick of Elders Berry NSW, such high visibility online is now crucial for business.

“When clients or potential vendors search my name, my Housenet profile already comes up as
the third result on page one of Google, which is a fantastic result and even higher than the main
Real Estate portals or my own office website.

“With so much vendor research and the majority of enquiry coming from online now, I think it’s
never been more important to be easily found and contactable on the web.

“The bulk of my marketing strategy is web based, so having a portal that differs to the others
where I can communicate with potential clients in an approachable, social and familiar
environment is bound to be a game changer,” said Mr McGoldrick.

I ran my own test and typed in Greg Vincent who has a large digital foot print. Greg’s Housenet page was ranked 7 ahead of his Google + and Facebook pages. So it does appear they are achieving great ranking for agent pages. However, this makes for an important reason why agents should now monitor this social network to make sure their digital footprint remains in tact.

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