Make YOUR Own Road to a Successful Business

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Make YOUR Own Road to a Successful Business

Blaze YOUR Own Trail

Blaze YOUR Own Trail.

A Formal Education will make YOU a Living,  Self Education will make YOU a Fortune.

Afternoon Peeps,

We ask this question to check for understanding.   We can also gain insight by questioning ourselves.   When grasping new knowledge, it’s useful to both discover what we are newly aware of and then to express that realization.

Grasping and expressing a newfound realization can be the most powerful outcome of honoring agreements.   In my business  where I work with Success Education which gives you the tools and skills married into  a business opportunity, making agreements with my clients is essential.   The resulting value of keeping agreements makes up for a lack of experience in budding entrepreneurs.

Honouring agreements is a leveraged tool because it builds confidence, delivers an intended result and creates fresh perspective, all in one.   From the vantage point of fresh perspective we can see greater opportunities than we could previously and we see them in a different light.   That’s when one needs to ask oneself this power question to complete this leveraged learning opportunity.

What have I realized as a result of completing this distinctly new action?

Realizations are often the greatest result from completing agreements, because they can be put into even greater understanding and sustainable evergreen wisdom.

If you aren’t taking every opportunity to question yourself about your realizations then you are squandering opportunities for which you’ve already done the work.

Let’s look at career guidance and where the existing curve began. The start of the curve could be called economic survival. When my folks were coming of age in 1940 they gave little thought to fulfilment and took the best job they could find to feed their family.

The next point on the curve could be high school guidance counsellors and their pitiful attempts to place everyone in a pre-existing box. Graduating from high school in 1975, I recall four labels in my yearbook that represented our only available choices of study.

General – “you’re a loser get a job in the mill.”

Commercial – “you’re not the brightest gal, so maybe you can be a secretary.”

Academic – “you’re bright enough to go to college, so go and you might figure it out there.”

Scientific – “you’re a genius-nerd who could become a doctor if you don’t squander your intelligence.”   No wonder our college years were such a relief.

The abundance of choices in an atmosphere of relative freedom made college seem like Nirvana compared to high school.    With raised expectations, we hoped that our college career counsellors could finally help us nail our career identification quest.   But to our disappointment, this next leap in the curve was barely a hop.   Those overworked counsellors simply added confusing psychological assessments that raised more questions than answers.

Many of us left with a university education but no more prepared to find our true calling.   Upon reflection, perhaps there was never much of a curve at all, because when we entered the work force, many of us did the same thing that our parents did.   We took the best job we could find. Then after 10-30 years of less-than-fulfilling work, the courageous among us began to ask, “Is this as good as it gets?”

Self-improvement by itself  isn’t worth much if you remain stuck within the same limiting situation. If you read and don’t seem to change fast enough, perhaps it’s not the quality of the material you are reading but it is your engagement that needs to be adjusted.   People need more than reading books, they need to help them improve, not themselves, but the situations where in they find themselves.   The self-improvement occurs as a natural by-product of the courageous actions that clients take.  Success Education is like having a Life Coach in your pocket, mine is downloaded on my ipod  which I listen to daily, each day I learn more & grow, so  I am not the same person I was even a month ago because of the decisions I have made…..I continue to grow.

Budding entrepreneurs who want to discover and run the authentic business of their dreams often get bogged down in pre-startup analysis and research.   Sometimes they wait for the brilliant light of epiphany along with horns of eureka to verify their business idea.   But what if the trumpets never sound and the blinding light of clarity never occurs?

What does that mean? Does it mean that your idea isn’t good enough?   Does it mean that you don’t have what it takes?   Does it mean that you need to continue in analysis until an epiphany does strike you?   No, no and no.   It could only mean that you are still feeling more fear and self-doubt than determined confidence.

Often my “blog” is a pathfinder, guiding you through the unexplored regions of your own authenticity.   If you’ve decided to begin the journey of discovering an authentic business most likely you’re more comfortable working in the safe familiar regions conditioned by your upbringing.

My calling is to outfit you with the proper tools for your journey and guide you along the way. Ultimately, I hold your hand as you leap from the cliffs of employment out into the unknown freedom of self-employment.  I now have quite a team of people that I have assisted into taking the leap into Business Ownership and to see them grow Financially & Personally is the best reward.

Your special authentic path must be a newly found path because no one has ever walked it before.   Only you can walk that path and build that business in the way you were meant to build it.   Your talents and strengths have blessed you with the raw potential to walk your path.

I’m just your guide.   I can’t use my machete to blaze your trail because it’s your trail.   But I can show you how to sharpen your own machete.   I can guide you along the path as we walk together until you need to veer off and lead the way.

Do you usually reflect to recognize realizations?

Have you typically asked yourself what you’ve realized from honouring your agreements?

For that matter, do you typically make explicit agreements?

What was the essential leap of understanding in your right livelihood quest?

ching ching cheers

Noelene Karlsen –



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  • Natalie Watson
    Posted April 22, 2013 at 1:35 pm 0Likes

    I love hearing about entrepreneurs who have succeeded and who have failed. More often than not, the unsuccessful business ventures are usually followed up with a second, third and fourth attempt until they get it right.

    Much respect goes out to all entrepreneurs who are ‘having a go’.

    Being an entrepreneur, starting a business from scratch and being successful doesn’t come easy and doesn’t happen over night.

    I have first hand experience of starting a business, being successful for a few years and then the business tanked. But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I learned from my mistakes, started from scratch and now have a new business which is flying high.

    My advice would is, don’t wait for a magical sign to start your business and definitely don’t wait for your friends and family to give you the green light. Go with your gut instinct. Go with what feels right.

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