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NSW home owners can now easily gauge market interest for their property without committing to sell by registering with, an online platform launched this week.

Home owners are better able to understand the buyer demand for their home by simply telling the market their property will be for sale soon. They can then readily track buyer interest and use the information to help make informed decisions. Buyers can also show their interest and gain a head start on competitors.

The site currently lists over 2 million properties in NSW which buyers can add to their favourites list to be notified when an owner signals their home will be coming available. The service will be rolled out nationally next year.

The founder Liam Austin came up with the idea 2 years ago when buying a property on the Central Coast of NSW.

“After an intensive 9 month search I bought a house and just two weeks later a better priced and better matched home came on the market. I was furious,” Austin said. “Why didn’t I know the owner was looking to sell?”

“I did some research and found that the typical home owner takes up to 6 months from deciding to sell, to actually listing a property for sale. So there was likely 6 months where we could’ve met and both saved time, money and heartache.”

Supporting the business are some of the biggest names in property including Colliers International and Crown International who are paying to list their new apartment developments on the site.

Real estate agents, financial institutions, valuers, pest and building inspectors, conveyancers, property photographers and others who add value to the property journey can offer their services to buyers and sellers who request introductions. The business makes money from selling these requests to advertisers.

Home owners are encouraged to claim and edit their property profile at, upload photos and indicate to the market any intentions to sell.

Now I think this is a good idea allowing vendors and property seekers to connect. But if this happens then it will cut out the agent as they no longer require agents to make the introductions. So are agents building a monster by supporting this?

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