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REA Group released a press release yesterday indicating they are closing their business listing portal Realbusinesses.

As a subscriber to our realbusinesses.com.au website, I want to let you know first hand of our intention to close the service on the 3rd March 2014.

During the past 12 months we have reviewed all aspects of our wider business to align ourselves to our long-term strategic goals and REA Group purpose; to help people to live their property dreams by making the entire process simple, efficient and stress free.

We carefully considered the site experience for our ‘business for sale’ consumers and customers and whether it was in line with REA Group purpose. In this context, we felt that the capital investment required to take the realbusinesses.com.au website into the future (including the development of a strong mobile proposition) could not be justified.

We are informing you of this decision 3 months in advance to allow you the time to transition to other marketing solutions for your business.

Does this mean this category is unprofitable in general or just in regard to REA and comparison to their other channels RCA and REA?

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