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JAGONAL.COM.AU goes live today.

The Commercial Real Estate industry relies on search architecture created for the residential industry. JAGONAL, a Sydney based start-up, has created new technology to exploit this gap in the market.

Starting from today, you can use JAGONAL’s new innovations to find office space more easily. By using data in intelligent ways, JAGONAL is now the first property portal in the world to offer 3D mapping and smart-search tools. These technologies have been custom-built by JAGONAL to meet the needs of the Commercial Property sector.

JAG(View) is a 3D mapping tool that lets you explore and locate property listings in specific buildings and on individual floors. To maximise download speeds JAG(View) has been designed to be a virtual cityscape, not a photo-realistic model. The tool relies on a coding language called WebGL commonly found in gaming applications. Anyone can access JAG(View) directly through an Internet browser.

JAG(Search) is a smart-search tool. To use JAG(Search) you simply type in a description of the property you’re trying to find. JAG(Search) will translate your original query into keywords and then display the property listings that match those terms. JAG(Search) can intelligently decipher your request, for example if you type in “Small office near Wynyard from $750-$100’ you’ll receive all the listings under 250sqm, in that price bracket, located around the Wynyard train station.

Both of these technologies are patent-pending, but the database that underpins them is the real source of JAGONAL’s differentiation. Right now this database holds information for almost every commercial property address in Sydney and Melbourne. Over the coming months JAGONAL will be systematically rolled out across Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide as well.

Data-driven Internet services have been enjoyed by many other industries but, until now, the real estate sector has been overlooked. Existing property websites operate as digital ‘classifieds’ – they do not capture, manage or analyse the data that is posted to their websites.

James Tucker, JAGONAL’s core-founder, adds “By putting data at the heart of our business we can give users a vastly better search experience. JAG(View) offers a more engaging and contextual way to find property. JAG(Search) offers a smart-search tool that people like using, and are conditioned to use thanks to Google. Most importantly, people can trust the information they receive because we’re constantly refining our data quality.”

JAGONAL welcomes any questions, inquiries or feedback.

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