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BRISBANE, Australia — In an age of tech hype, marketing agent Paul Liddy of Ray White East Brisbane is keeping it real with virtual reality. Real estate agents are embracing the ‘tech effect’ to get the edge in the lounge room and Mr. Liddy is ahead of the masses in presenting this 3D marketing first to the Brisbane property market.

By integrating 3D visualisation technology to his property marketing, Mr. Liddy has formed a critical and strategic partnership with Mr. Kal Daley of 3D Smart Scan; a new Brisbane based 3D visualisation company. Together Mr. Liddy and Mr. Daley are leveraging the latest breakthrough in computational photography and providing a simple and visually stunning tool for property owners and buyers.

3D scanning, also known as 3D capture or 3D reconstruction, means to capture a subject or what we see in its three-dimensions. Browsers of online property listings can now view a unique 3D floor plan and form a complete understanding of the layout of a property, similar to a ‘doll house’ view. This technology enables the viewer to virtually walk through the house and accurately see a clear perspective of space, one that will match the reality of scale.

“A 3D virtual showcase gives the full context of every view, it’s an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle, the completed showcase can be uploaded to all platforms including realestate.com.au, Domain and they’re even being pulled into the social space by Facebook which now allows you to embed interactive 3D files,” said Mr. Liddy.

Listing the first of his Brisbane properties with this technology, an $849,000 Balmoral unit in ‘The Constellation’ at 15 Grosvenor Street, a new ten unit boutique development, Mr. Liddy said:

“It’s been an eye opening experience for buyers who don’t have the time or are unable due to geography to inspect the properties; they’ve been able to experience the homes online from overseas and interstate as if they’re physically there.”

Mr. Daley, an importer whose business background includes supporting industry with 3D scanners and surveying instruments, said the fee for service depends mainly on the size of a home but generally falls within the range of $300-600.

“Traditional marketing doesn’t correspond any more to what consumers are expecting. They want something new, fast and easy to use; buyers need to feel a connection to the home and we can now offer them this opportunity from the comfort of their lounge room,” said Mr. Daley.

Soon it will be possible to take measurements and virtually refurnish, refresh or renovate a property; virtual tours and virtual reality headsets will also be commonplace in property marketing, “a 3D virtual showcase is a 3D model of a property, the technology might also be used for insurance purposes as proof of contents ownership or damage and may well be the future of rental condition reports for landlords,” said Mr. Daley.

Mr. Liddy who this year is celebrating 30 years of selling inner Brisbane real estate says he consistently seeks out leaders in real estate marketing innovation, “…by continuing to partner with the best new technology providers and avoid the hype; I can deliver better ways to match buyers with sellers.”

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