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Product Summary

AIRE is a Brisbane based software development company that specialises in AI solutions for the real estate industry. Founded in 2017 by Ian Campbell, AIRE now has over 250 agencies who employee their Digital Employee, RITA. RITA works alongside almost 2,000 agents in Australia and New Zealand.


Ian Campbell & Sarah Bell


$1m in funding September 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Real Estate Categories

Residential Sales, Residential Lease

Countries of Operation

Australia, New Zealand

Example Clients

RayWhite, Cunninghams, LJ Hooker, Watt Realty

What Clients Say

Justin Watt CEO, Watt Realty Queensland

Rita is a time saver and a money maker. The time we save can now be spent on being face to face with our community, which is where they want us to be.

Trevor Tippett Salesperson, Ray White Mackay, Queensland

We have used Rita in our business and in only a short time, there has been a dramatic change in how we work and for the better. Rita helps us stay in touch, without having to put notes in the CRM and we are going into listing unopposed because we have regular contact with the right people. In the past 5 months, I believe there are about 40 listings that I can directly attribute to Rita’s suggestions.

Core Offering

Aire are software company building an AI powered SaaS platform for residential real estate agencies.  Aire have a cloud-based subscription software product called Rita. Aire’s vision is for Rita to be a digital employee for a residential real estate agency – automating processes and performing numerous sales, administration and property management tasks.

Product Benefits

Rita is not a CRM. She is designed to act like a personal assistant for agents and uses the data in the CRM to find opportunities. To access the data and do that work, she needs access to a modern CRM with an API. 

Rita’s goal is to empower the real estate industry to deliver an exponentially greater level of service to consumers by reducing the amount of time agents spend on screens and encouraging agents to build deeper relationships with their local community of contacts.


RITA integrates with Rex, MyDesktop, Agentbox and Box + Dice

Website link www.getaire.com.au

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