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Business2 has been influential in Australia’s real estate scene since it’s launch in 2001.

As we all know, real estate agents and technology are worlds apart, but the future of the real estate industry will be heavily reliant on technology. Our initial aim with Business2 was to bridge this gap and create a space where agents can better understand emerging technologies in the real estate sphere and how to utilise these technologies to enhance their business.

Over 4,600 people subscribe to our weekly newsletter covering the Australian PropTech scene.  Subscribing to our newsletter means agents can stay up to date with technologies and interact in the comments section to discuss and share their views. With over 1,000 blog posts and more than 1.4 million website hits, Business2 has become a virtual node, connecting all real estate and PropTech sectors in one place.

As 2020 progresses we are seeing a shift in the way real estate agents are relying on technology, especially with the most recent Covid-19 social distancing measures.

The decision to change PropTechNOW’s name from Business2 better reflects the focus of the site and is more aligned with AgentPoint’s business.

“The PropTechNOW name is more direct and self-explanatory compared to the old name” says Ryan O’Grady, CEO of AgentPoint. “The term PropTech has become common in the industry, as a combined term meaning Property Technology, and we wanted to jump on that as soon as we could”, he said.

We hope the new name and branding will give the website a fresh look, captivate our audiences and drive more people to the website. At the end of the day, we want to bring real estate agents  together and support the exciting PropTech road ahead, right here, right NOW. 

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