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Australia’s leading real estate content library The Real Estate Voice is proud to announce a content partnership with digital real estate marketing experts Agentpoint. Through the power of this partnership, Australian and New Zealand real estate agents can receive a feed of fresh, updated relevant content straight to the news blog of any website using a fully integrated service.

This improves the speed of posting relevant and engaging content for agents while reducing the manual processes by up to 90%.

Despite many agents understanding fresh relevant and regular content is a critical component of their content marketing strategy, lead generation and brand awareness, most struggle to find the time to research, write and post relevant content consistently.

Additionally, outsourcing content writing is an option, however hiring a copywriter, journalist or staff member to write content is not always prudent. If the writer is unable to capture the agent’s industry knowledge and leverage their experience, it can harm an agency’s reputation, brand and lead generation efforts.

Through The Real Estate Voice and Agentpoint content partnership real estate businesses in Australia and New Zealand will benefit from:

  • Having a feed of fresh, updated content written by professional writers delivered straight to the news blog of a website using a fully integrated service. 
  • The option to edit any of the articles and add their agency brand, name, or suburb
  • Having more than just listings on their website to keep their audience engaged with their brand. Listings are useful to reach active buyers, but content reaches both active AND passive property buyers and sellers.  
  • The Integrated Content Service means real estate agents can set and forget their content strategy and focus on what they do best, winning business and servicing clients.
  • By posting fresh, relevant and engaging content, consistently real estate’s using this service will also help improve their organic SEO search engine rankings.
  • Saving massive amounts of time, money and energy as they do not have to research, write and post content themselves.
  • Being able to use the content from an article on their website in their e-newsletter marketing, social media marketing and other marketing campaigns.
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