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As a property industry professional you may already be using or be aware of market leading and Australian grown proptech solution Movinghub. While the world has been in lockdown, the creators of Movinghub®, have been busy building Movinghub’s latest technology release that is the most powerful in the market. Packed with new tools and features, this reinvented platform, they call the Hub, has the potential to reshape the property industry by doing away with the tradition of sending customers to third party businesses to arrange home services or utility connections and bill reviews. Why would you continue to send your customers away when Movinghub provides you with everything you need to run your own home services and utility connections business under your brand and earn an adjacent revenue stream? What’s more, is the offerings within Movinghub now empower you to remain connected to your customers by providing them with services that will remain relevant to them throughout their life journey… not just when they’re moving. 

When telling us about the new Hub platform, Group CEO Michael Dornan said ‘Movinghub started 10 years ago with a simple strategy, to empower it‘s customers to better service their customers through innovation, and years later we are still innovating, others are not…. Movinghub’s market leading SaaS has broken new grounds and replaced your outsourced utilities connection software, and we’ve stacked it full of features.’

Partners using Movinghub work under their brand and remain front of mind with their customers by providing them with an end to end and exceptional customer experience that sees them return and access services over and over again. 

The Hub allows partners to completely tailor their service panel via the Movinghub Marketplace. This tool can be uniquely customised enabling users to add their own providers to the service panel, as well as utilise Movinghub’s vast provider range. Partners are able to provide customers with utilities and services when they move, and they can access home services as many times as they like, whenever they like. At the end of the day, every time a customer connects utilities or uses a service, a commission is paid to the partner providing the service. 

I think you will agree that this can become quite a lucrative revenue generator when customers are taking up multiple services at a time. Independently owned and operated Movinghub’s new product ‘the hub’ migrates away from the traditional and puts even more control, and in turn more money, back in its customers hands with complete ownership and control of their customer experience and data, every customer can control the experience how they want, and if you’re a tech enabled business they have a wide range of API’s that open up a whole range of possibilities.

Movinghub comes with a wide service panel in each market that offer consumers choice when selecting service. From electricity, gas, water, internet and pay tv to home maintenance and cleaning, from solar panels to security, insurance and so much more, customers are really spoiled for choice and don’t need to look anywhere else when the Movinghub solution is involved! 

Offer your customers bill reviews on current services every 12 months and ensure they’re on the best available plans so they can save some money. Provide your customers with a portal that allows them to track the progress of their arranged services and also access more services at the tips of their fingers if they wish. 

Nurture your customer journey by creating self branded email and sms communications and build your own workflow within the hub to trigger when the communications are sent to clients. 

The tools and features I’ve mentioned above don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the breadth of technology Movinghub can offer your business. You can take a product tour on their website or even better request a demo and have it all explained in detail.

Movinghub has been growing and evolving globally since 2010 and is now used by businesses and consumers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. They have been involved in close to 1 million moves and have generated over $300,000,000 in revenue for its partnerships.

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