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Yesterday a new real estate portal Homely.com.au launched in Australia. I know what you’re thinking that “oh god another real estate portal”! But the team behind Homely have done an excellent job and have brought to market something that is more than a simple database of properties for sale and lease in Australia.

From their website they describe themselves:

Homely was founded as an alternative to Australia’s other real estate websites. Those with banner ads at every turn. Those with no sense of community.

We think there is more to finding your new home than simply the number of beds n baths. Homes are beautiful, filled with people, memories and moments. We want to bring these things to your home search. Something fresh, new and innovative…better.

We’ve created Homely to be different, to buck the trend of what has been, and pave the way forward with you. Simple, fast and beautiful. We hope you love Homely as much as we do.

After chatting to Jason Spencer – Co-Founder & Co-CEO yesterday, it was clear the key differences between Homely.com.au and existing offerings in Aussie market are:

  • No Banner Ads – Site has no advertising and never will
  • Site Design – The site is sexy, a cross between Apple and Pinterest.
  • All about the community – Community can post suburb and street views along with their agent experience
  • Better agent relationships – Agents also provide feedback in re to suburbs and streets and can demonstrate their skills, experience and knowledge.

The guys have put a lot of time and effort into research and development and their experience in running Street Advisor in the US has certainly helped deliver this excellent solution.

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